Kickstarter Pre-Launch and Demo coming soon!

Hello everyone!

A crowdfunding campaign for Absinthia will launch in mid-late April and run through May. If successful, we're looking at a release window around January 2023. Feel free to click the link so you can be notified when the campaign goes live!

A demo containing the first hour or so of gameplay for Absinthia is scheduled to launch next week on March 15.

Similar to our campaigns for Celestial Hearts and Knight Bewitched: Enhanced Edition, we're crowdfunding to cover the cost of assets. The artwork is being done by various talented pixel artists, while Jazz Stewart is making a return from the Enhanced Edition for the original soundtrack.

We're looking to raise about $23,000. This is significantly more than our previous campaigns - but with a higher funding goal comes better rewards, such as:

-Digital keys, OST and credits
-Digital keys for Knight Bewitched and Celestial Hearts
-Early Access
-Leaving your own message in an object in-game
-Having your own NPC complete with name and dialogue
-Designing your own legendary weapon, enemy, boss, quest, or even your own dungeon!

If you have any questions about Absinthia, feel free to leave a comment or DM me on Twitter.

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