3-13-22 Bugfixes and Absinthia Kickstarter

Hello everyone!

Knight Bewitched has picked up some traction since the release of the Ukraine Relief Bundle, and with that I've been getting reports of a few bugs here and there.

Installer 1.3 should help prevent any crashes associated with discovering secret areas. If you're experiencing this crash, please download this build and install it in the same location as you did previously. You'll still get to keep your save files, so don't worry about losing progress!

I've also received a report of the game soft-locking in the Winterfall Cavern during the sliding floor wisp puzzle. This bug seems to be extremely rare; if you encounter it, please let me know (either via emailing me at Jkweath (@) gmail or commenting on this post) and I'll either change the puzzle or remove it entirely.

Absinthia Kickstarter

My next project, Absinthia, will have a crowdfunding campaign starting in mid-late April. You can follow it now to be notified when it goes live. 

Thanks and have a great week!


Enhanced Edition Installer 1.3.exe 335 MB
Mar 13, 2022

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I am getting the game freeze bug with the wisps in Winterfall Cave. I have game version 1.14 on Steam. Is there any way around this by changing settings or ???

Heya! I went ahead and updated the game on Steam with a shortcut that will allow you to bypass the wisps. I made a Steam post with a screenshot here.

Thank you for the update. Now however the game.exe file is missing in the enhanced forlder. The enhanced folder is empty except for the saves folder.

I've discovered that within the witch folder there is another enhanced folder that has all the files. Clicking on game.exe allows me to play game. I cannot not play either version from steam.

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Last reply I promise. I copied all the files from common/knight bewitched/witch/knight bewitched enhanced edition to common/knight bewitched/knight bewitched enhanced edition and now the enhanced edition runs from steam. The legacy edition does not and its exe file is in the common/knight bewitched/witch folder. Im not playing that particular version but maybe a similar moving of files will fix the problem. For me anyway problem is fixed. Thanks again.

NP and sorry about that! It looks like you got it figured out since I uploaded the game folders incorrectly, but it's all fixed up as of this morning.

Let me know if anything else comes up!